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Reptile Youth : Above

29 Mai 2014, 01:51am

Publié par electric girl


Voici un nouvel extrait du derniere album de Reptile Youth, Rivers that run for a sea that is gone, qui est sorti il y a peu et dont je vous avais déjà parlé ici.

Le clip a été réalisé par Lasse Martinussen.

“The video is the result of my very first confrontation with the band years ago, where I witnessed one of their early shows. I heard about their crazy shows in China just before the show, so they already had this strange, almost ancient, mythology around them. The lead singer was beyond performing; almost sacrificing himself to his biggest belief, while the guy in the background was hypnotizing through the music. It was something I never experienced before, something tremendous, sexy, epic, violent and something I had to pursue. I tried to do with the video, what the performance did to me that night.”- Lasse Martinussen


Ils seront en concert le 28 juin à la Nuba à Paris (unique concert en France) !

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