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Mon interview des Dirty Loops

1 Juin 2014, 23:51pm

Publié par electric girl



Je vous avais déjà parlé du nouveau phénomène US débarquant en France : les Dirty Loops.


il y a peu ils étaient de passage à Paris, du coup j'ai pu les interviewer (par mail).

J'ai laissé la version anglaise par manque de temps et parce que les réponses sont courtes et facilement compréhensibles :


-When did you start to play music?

I started to play drums at the age of 9.

-Which was your first musical memory? (first album you bought or first gig you've been to, etc)

My first memories were  my father listening to stevie wonder and my mother listening to Sting at home when I was probably around 2 years old. 

-When did you know that you wanted to be musician?

When I was able to play to some Toto tunes behind the drumkit. I remember me playing the same tunes over and over again and I got the same kick out of it every time.  it must have sounded horrible but it was super clear to me that this was something that I wanted to keep on doing for the rest of my life.


-When and where did you meet?

I met Jonah and Henrik at Södra Latins musik gymnasium (school age 16-19) in 2002.



-Why did you decided to create the band?

After three years at the gymnasium we continued studying at the Royal College of music in Stockholm and it was there that we formed the band in 2008.

-Was it your 1st band?

no, my first band was a cover band that only played Limp Bizkit songs. : )

-Why did you choose to call your band Dirty Loops?

It was actually a friend of ours that sent us a list with different names and one of the them was Dirty Loops and we thought that it sounded right for the band.

-Which are your main musical influences?

 Pat Metheny Group, Sting, Toto, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder



-How would you describe your music in a few words?

I would say Pop fusion, a mixture between everything we grew up listening to.

-You did covers of really different singers. How do you choose the covers you wanna make?

when we choose song to cover we we´re always look for a strong melody, one we can dress in a different arrangement, both harmonically and rhythmically.   

-Which are your futur projects (Ep, CD, gigs, collaborations, etc)?

Dirty loops...Dirty Loops....Dirty Loops... :  )


Merci au Dirty Loops d'avoir répondu à mes questions :)

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