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Mon interview d'Eugene McGuinness

5 Mai 2013, 21:29pm

Publié par electric girl




A l'occasion du Festival de Mode et de Photo à la Villa Noailles (Hyeres), j'ai pu interviewé le chanteur britannique Eugene McGuiness, un talentueux artiste solo que vous avez aussi pu voir au côté de Miles Kane.


Bon, comme je ne pouvais pas être sur place (et oui, je suis en plein concours BCE), l'interview s'est faite par mail.

L'interview est en anglais et non traduite (faute de temps avec les concours) :



When did you start to play music? And when did you decide to become a professional singer? 


 I was 15. I started getting obsessed with the beatles and it just gradually took up all of my time. I didn't really decide, it's just the only thing I've ever known how to do. 


 Which are the main subjects you’re talking about in your songs?

There seem to be a lot of motor vehicles recently. And women….Whatever springs to mind, really.




Did you practice a lot your voice or is it a kind of “gift from nature”?

It's changed over the years, I was really self conscious about it when I was a teenager. I've learnt to relax with it though, singing needs to be natural.


How would you describe your music in a few words (more pop or indie, etc)? And where do you consider yourself in the English music industry?

It's rock and roll. Indie and pop are big vague terms but rock and roll is it's own thing and should evolve. My songwriting comes from being reared on beatles, kinks, bowie, neil young but it's not the 60s anymore and it never will be again. I know that sounds obvious but it's important to appreciate whats happened in the past whilst realising how important new ideas are.






Is there a new song that you’re listening all the time these last days?

My brother's been recording this week, so I've been immersed in that. It's sounding amazing.


I heard your cover of Blue Jean by Lana Del Rey. Do you think you’re going to make over covers? If yes, which songs will you cover?

Yeah, I'm sure now and then I'll cover a song or two. I'm not really too bothered about them to be honest, it's just a bit of fun. I did a Scott Walker cover recently which is pretty cool. Not sure when it's seeing the light of day. Me and the band do a mean version of n.e.r.d's 'babydoll'






How did you become an artist signed by Domino? And how did you feel to be produced by the same label which produces The Kills, the Arctic Monkeys, etc?

They heard about me on internet somewhere, I was playing lots of shows in Liverpool and a bit in Manchester, handing out free demos. It was great cause I liked a lot of their bands, it kind of came out of nowhere. I'm very lucky.



How did you write and record your last album (live conditions, where, when, did it take a long time)?

It started in a warehouse in east london, I got my brother and a few other friends in. I wrote a lot of tunes, they went in all directions. I then went touring with Miles so it was pieced together on the days off back in london. It gave the album a bit of scope, lots of playing and travelling. The last few songs were done in west london, so the recording was spread over quite along time because I was so busy. The next one should take two weeks…


Which was the first show you’ve made?

Liverpool zanzibar. I was vibrating with fear.





Which was your best remember of show? And the worst one?

Paris from the last tour was brilliant. And that first one was the worst one, it was frustrating when I was starting out. every show should be better than the last.


Are you thinking about doing another band project like the one you did with your brother and two friends of yours or being musician for other singers (as with Miles Kane)?

I've got great musicians and songwriters around me all the time so things are always gonna happen. Its all we talk about. My only real priority is my own music though, it's a personal mission.




Do you think that you’ve bring a part of your musical world to Miles Kane music?

I don't know, that's not for me to say. He very much has his own vision though and it's so important to be your own man.


Are you writing songs for a future album? Will you make tours soon?

Yes and yes. The next album is written and i've never enjoyed it more. The next record is gonna be fun. Fun is all that matters...Thats not true.




Do you feel concerned by fashion and photography because it’s an important part of musician’s life too, isn’t it?

It is important, musicians are products of their times and the fashion and photography encapsulate it.

How do you feel to sing in this festival?

I'm looking forward to it. Get me out of london, its boring me.  And it doesn't take me long to miss france.



Encore un grand merci à Eugene McGuiness et à Stage of the art :)


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